Roblox Admin Hacks

Status: Unavailable

Roblox admin hack

Roblox admin hacks have been a bane of game owners. They keep popping up and getting patched out and the public availability of these goes up and down. The hack basically allows a normal player to enter a game and load an admin script and allows them to use it. This can give them all sorts of commands including kicking and banning from games.

Warning: the Roblox admin hacks are usually pretty obvious when you're using them and Roblox is not going to take too kindly to people who can ruin the fun of others. This can get your account banned very quickly. If you really want an unfair advantage without getting your account banned checkout our RobloxX pack which you can download on our Roblox hacks section.

Working Admin Hacks

We track the latest working Roblox hacks and cheats and keep an eye out for anything going public. At the moment there are no publicly working admin hacks because they get patched that quickly. If that changes, so will this page so bookmark us and check back later. In the meantime if you're looking for things which actually work be sure to download our underground cheat pack.

I do have a video example of an admin hack so you can see the basics of how they used to work:

It basically involved finding code locally with cheat engine and inserting code to load your admin script (one already uploaded to Roblox).

The Code

Obviously this code is old and no longer works but it gives you an idea of how it used to work. Even when cheats are expired understanding how the old ones worked is a great way to help you find something new.

b = game:GetService("InsertService"):LoadAsset(YOUR ADMIN SCRIPT ID HERE)

b.Parent=Workspace b:MakeJoints() b:MoveTo(game.Workspace.YOUR ROBLOX USERNAME HERE.Head.Position)

Fake Admin Hacks

Most of the stuff you see on Roblox admin hacks are old patched methods and codes which no longer work or (worse) they're the kind of fake hack trying to get your account or infect your computer. Technically you could have a download for a .dll injection but that doesn't mean it's a good idea to download a random .exe from a YouTube video. You could certainly risk it but I wouldn't if I were you.