Free Roblox Accounts

It's always free to make yourself a free Roblox account and we've even got a quick guide up on the Roblox download and install. But if you're bored of your account or maybe you just want to see what other people have unlocked on the community pages - well we have you covered.

We have a few community accounts which are open for anyone to use - actually we have more than a few but most of them are reserved for the beta members. But the following are there for anyone to use, we just ask that you respect them and don't get them banned.

From time to time the accounts are banned (usually the result of something someone does on them) and they have to be replaced so if you're on a fresh account you might find it brand new with no gear. You're welcome to get it started or to try a different account but just keep in mind that these accounts are open for everyone so don't treat it as your own account. Also remember if you're just looking for a trial of the game you don't even need to make an account to see it for yourself - but making your own is still free.

Roblox Accounts Rules

    free Roblox account rules
  • Don't get the accounts banned.
  • Don't ruin the currency and gear on the account.
  • Don't give the accounts out to non users.

Free Account Login Details

  • Character Name: SparePayphone Password: HappyEver11
  • Character Name: RobloxXPack Password: RobloxXPack11
  • Character Name: TiresomeSidekick Password: TiresomeSidekick33

Free Roblox Accounts with BC

None of the public accounts we have here have BC on them. At least, we haven't put it there if they have when you login. But if you're looking for a way to get free builders club on your own Roblox account then head over to our Roblox page and click the download link at the top. We've got a great system for getting builders club to our members for free and that way you can get it on your own account. We also have some free Roblox accounts in there which have BC on them but getting it on your own account means you don't need to worry about what other people do on the account.